Vuelta y Vuelta

Memorias del Exilio Chileno

3rd preview of Vuelta y Vuelta!! Online starting May 1st @

2nd preview of Vuelta y Vuelta!! Online starting May 1st @

After quite a few screenings and some festivals around the world we are happy to announce that we will offer Vuelta y Vuelta starting May 1st 2014 online at

The documentary will be available worldwide and with subtitles in English, German and French!!!

If you sign up for our newsletter at until May 1st we will send you a special discount code for the download of Vuelta y Vuelta when its available!!

Huge thanks to all the helping hands and new friends who have organized screenings and presented the film to interested viewers in places like Nössemark, Gothenburg, Münster, Malmö, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Santiago, Paris & New York!


Daniela & Markus

Vuelta y Vuelta @ Voces contra el Silencio in Mexico City!!!

Vuelta y Vuelta in Valparaiso, Chile!!! Details pronto!

Vuelta y Vuelta in Valparaiso, Chile!!! Details pronto!

We are happy to show Vuelta y Vuelta one more time in Paris!! April 1 @ Cinema La Clef!!

New Screenings in Valparaiso / Chile, Mexico City and Paris soon!!!

Huge thanks to Bill, Claire and the Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory, the Brecht Forum and Tales of the 1 % in New York for their support and the screening last wednesday!!!

US Premiere in March presented by Tales of the 1%, The Brecht Forum & The Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory!!!! go to or contact for more info

January …

… was a great month ;)
we had fantastic screenings in Münster, Santiago de Chile and Paris!!
Thanks to everybody who joined us!!

Special thanks to

Müscha and the SpecOps-Team, Lukas and Marie in Münster,

Victor de la Fuente and LeMonde Diplomatique in Santiago,

Daphne, Jeremy and the Cinéclub-Team @ ENS and Paul @ Numa in Paris,

Yann Cugny for the French subtitles,

Violeta Cuadra & David Waldman for organizing the screenings in Paris!!!

There are no presentations planned for February but we are gearing up for screenings in New York, Valparaiso, Paris and some more starting in March!